On Wednesday evenings the teenage Dylan was allowed to have his friends around to discuss matters of the day in DJ's study. These were a mixture of people including the composer and life long friend Daniel Jones, probably his school friend and artist Mervyn Levy and the artist Alfred Janes.

We intend to recreate something of the spirit that inspired Dylan and the others by creating a new Wednesday evening group plus lots of other events.

Check them out on our Forthcoming Events page

  • Meet one Wednesday mid-month unless the residents of the house have any objection. If that is the case they will meet at a different venue
  • The residents of the house would be invited to take part or observe.
  • The group would have a nucleus of members and this would be supplemented by others from time to time. We would envisage that there would be no more than 8-10 attending at any one time.
  • The areas of discussion would be far ranging - participants would be persuaded to bring their own work to read or show in a non-hostile environment which would encourage creativity.
  • Specialists in different fields will be invited to share their experiences.
  • The age group with be all ages
  • A small subscription will be charged which will be used to fund a special event or activity each year.