Ground Floor

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Number 5 was one of six houses (three pairs of semi detached houses) that were built between 1913 and 1915. Planning permission for the development was granted in 1908 by the Borough of Swansea to a Mr T Lewis.

It has been documented that the builder W H Harding lived next door in Number 6. In fact the South Wales Directory for 1920 lists the occupant as being Thomas Lewis - the developer.
1st Floor

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There is a further reference to the Lewis family in Dylan's short story 'Patricia, Edith and Arnold'.

Edith is the maid who "...belongs to Mrs Lewis..." who talks over the back garden wall to Patricia who is the Thomases maid "...when they should be working..." and finds out that both are dating the same man - Arnold Matthews - who they confront at the bowls pavillion in Cwmdonkin Park with teh inevitable tears as the outcome.